Diners Club Webapp Has Been Released

I finally got around to cleaning up and publishing the code for the Diners Club web application. Like everything else I release, I’m not sure who will actually use it. But, I find that the whole exercise of releasing your code is beneficial to you and your code. So, it’s worth the effort. It’s available via the MIT license, so have at it.

Kind of a funny side note about this project. I recently found out that a couple of co-workers of mine spend some of their spare time working on Planypus, which is a site for making plans with your friends. Sounds familiar! I was talking to them, and it turns out that Planypus started the exact same way that the Diners Club webapp started, as just a way to organize dinner outings with friends. They however took it to the next level and threw a business plan around it. I’m just not that business savvy I guess :)

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