Introducing Proby – Task monitoring made simple!

Note: This entry has been cross-posted from the Signal company blog.

One Monday morning about a month ago, I was browsing through open issues in our bug tracker looking for something to work on. It was my week on “technical support”. At Signal, the engineer on technical support spends a week working on non customer facing issues with our infrastructure, process, etc, that are too large to simply knock out as you encounter them.

An issue entitled “Add monitoring to detect jobs that do not start” caught my attention. We already had monitoring in place to alert us when a job fails. However, we had nothing to alert us if that job never starts in the first place. We have many scheduled jobs that run in the background, some pretty important, and have been bitten on more than one occasion by reoccurring jobs that had not run for quite some time.

I bounced some ideas off the team, and we all agreed that that it made sense to create a new application to monitor our scheduled tasks. The app would know what is supposed to run, and when. We would change all of our jobs to “ping” the app when they start and finish. If the app detects that something did not run when it was supposed to, or did not finish when it was supposed to, it could alert the team.

And just like that, Proby was born.

“What’s with the name?”, you ask? I likened the application to a probation officer, keeping an eye on wayward tasks.

Since going live, Proby has caught several issues with our scheduled jobs that would have gone unnoticed…many more than I would have anticipated. It has also evolved into a fairly complete application. It is easy to setup new tasks. It holds onto the execution history of each task, allowing you to see a trend of the run time for each task, and which runs resulted in an alarm. It supports alarms via email or SMS, using Signal’s SMS messaging API. It has several settings that allow you to tweak exactly when an alarm is sent, cutting down on the number of false alarms. And, thanks to designer extraordinaire Drew Myler, it looks amazing!

Shortly after creating Proby, we realized that there is no way we are the only ones who have had scheduled tasks go days without running, unnoticed. So today, we are making Proby available to the general public. It is currently in closed beta, and we are letting people in slowly to flush out any bugs or other issues. Use of Proby is also FREE while it is in beta.

Interested? Head on over to and signup to participate in the closed beta! And, don’t forget to follow @probyapp on Twitter for updates!

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