Professionals Act Professional

I’m sick of it.

Every week (at least it feels that way) some new drama rears its ugly head in the ruby community. Petty arguments via twitter, one ranting blog post after another, people mocking ideas they consider less than ideal, and even some personal attacks thrown in the mix. There’s so much drama in fact that there is now a site out there that lists it all for the rest of the world to see.

Seriously? Are we all still in junior high?

Just think for a minute about all of the time and energy we are wasting here. Instead of igniting these flame wars, from which nothing productive is ever achieved, we could be growing as a community. We could be bringing up the next generation of software developers. We could be positively encouraging others to build better software. We could be sharing our experiences with others. We could be leading by example.

For a community of people complaining that they’re not treated like professionals, we sure don’t act very professional. If this is the way we behave, can we honestly expect people to treat us with the respect that they treat doctors, accountants, teachers, and members of other professions?

If you want to be treated like a professional, it’s best to start acting like one first.

Take the high road for once. The view is much nicer.

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