Basic Markup

Basic Markup is a very basic markup-to-HTML conversion library. It lets you create easy to read web pages without writing verbose HTML. Basic Markup supports the following:

  • Headings
  • Bold text
  • Nested bullet lists
  • Control of excessive blank lines


Basic Markup is a dead project. You should use the SimpleMarkup class in the Ruby standard library instead.


The call to BasicMarkup.markup takes two parameters. The first is the markup text to convert to HTML. The second is a boolean indicating if you wish to surround the converted HTML with <html> tags, making a complete HTML page.

require 'basic_markup'
html = BasicMarkup.markup("Text to markup", true)

Sample Markup Text


--This is a level 1 header--
With some text

---This is a level 2 header---
With some text

----This is a level 3 header----
With some text

--Text Formatting--
Here is a line with some **bolded text**. Fancy, huh?

--New Line Insertion--
This should be on a new line.

This should be on a new line too.

With some text

Here is some more text

--Bullet Lists--
Here is a big ol nasty nested bulleted item list:
* The letter A
* The letter B
** The number 1
*** The symbol !
*** The symbol *
*** The symbol &
** The number 2
** The number 3
*** The symbol ^
* The letter C
** The number 4
* The letter D