Zeropistol is a web site that allows a group of individuals to workout together, regardless of where they live. It is a subscription based service. Workout sessions are recorded and the videos are only available on the website. The site also includes a blog, where members can share information on working out, physical fitness, nutrition, and more.

Customer Requirements

  • Public facing website that describes the service and shows some sample content
  • Users are required to log in to see all member content
  • Embedded blog that will allow for the authoring of articles that will appear in different sections of the site
  • Manage credit card processing for a subscription based service
  • The ability to manager user accounts and credit card transactions
  • Do it cheap!

Technical Details

  • Heroku used for hosting. Starting with the free account and will scale out as necessary.
  • PayPal used for credit card processing and subscription management, eliminating the need to sign up with a payment gateway or purchase an SSL certificate, since we do not collect any sensitive information. PayPal’s Website Payment Standard product, which is free, issues callbacks to the application when subscriptions are created, deleted, or new payments are processed, so we can act accordingly.
  • Vimeo is used to host the videos. Vimeo has many nice features, including a great video player, and the ability to restrict the watching a video to a specific domain.
  • Amazon S3 used for image uploads for the blog.
  • At the time of launch, the only recurring fees the customer is responsible for are the actual domain name, the Vimeo account, and the storage on S3 (which is very, very cheap).