I have been working as a software developer since 1998. I have experience in web application development, mobile application development, distributed systems development, and backend systems development. I have worked on large and small projects, on large and small teams, in very fast paced environments. I also specialize in communication, both written and verbal.

I can help you clarify your vision, and then build your product.

We will act as partners throughout the project. Communication will be continuous, and direct. At any point in time, you will know where your project is at, what work is currently in progress, and where the project is going. There is no such thing as a good surprise in software development.

Application Development

Have an idea for a new web application? I can help you figure out exactly what it will take to bring that application to life.

Then I can build it.

Web application development is my specialty. I have taken several products from merely an idea to a successful production launch and beyond. I have experience building and maintaining all aspects of a complex web application, including provisioning and maintaining the server running the application, administering the databases that hold the data, designing and writing the backend code that runs on the server, implementing queuing systems to help scale the application, and slinging the client side code that makes the application come alive in the browser.

I also have experience in mobile application development and backend systems development.

Every project has different needs. We will determine the technologies that best fit the problem you are trying to solve, and use them to get your project built quickly, with quality.

Application Maintenance

Does your existing application need some new features? Does it need a few bug fixes? Is it running way too slow? I can help.

We will work together to get your application into a state where it solves your problems instead of creating more.

Recent Work

golf_home The GolfOuting application is an online registration / sponsorship / administration app that I created for a golf outing that my wife and I run for our children’s school.

Prior to the existence of this application, all registrations and sponsorships were managed by paper forms and tracked in a spreadsheet. There was also limited access to data from previous outings, making planning more difficult for the next year.

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AuroraAlarm is a service that will notify you via SMS when conditions are optimal for viewing the Aurora Borealis in your area. AuroraAlarm is an open source project.

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Proby Proby is a scheduled task monitoring service. It notifies you when your scheduled tasks (executed by cron or some other scheduler) fail to start on time, or fail to finish when expected. Proby also displays historical information about your tasks, like a trend of the task’s recent run times.

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Zeropistol is a web site that allows a group of individuals to workout together, regardless of where they live. It is a subscription based service.

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image_01image_02 Standup Timer is a very simple Android application that helps keep your stand-up meetings focused, and on track. Standup Timer is an open source project.

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Contact Me

Cell: 1-630-710-4157