CouchDB Plugins for Scout

Back in December I whipped up a series of CouchDB plugins for the Scout monitoring service. The plugins allow you to track all sorts of metrics for CouchDB, including (but not limited to):

  • Mean reads / second
  • Mean writes / second
  • Mean requests / second for DELETE, GET, HEAD, POST, and PUT requests
  • Mean view requests / second
  • Mean bulk HTTP requests / second
  • Counts for various HTTP response codes

In addition, there is a plugin for individual CouchDB databases and individual couchdb-lucene indexes. The database plugin will report:

  • Database size
  • Number of documents
  • Number of deleted documents
  • Number of update operations

The couchdb-lucene plugin will report:

  • Size of the index
  • Number of documents indexed
  • Number of deleted documents

The kind folks over at Scout have just released two new, official plugins based on the ones I created. The CouchDB Overall plugin combines some of the more important CouchDB metrics into a single plugin, and the CouchDB Database plugin reports the same set of the stats as the database plugin listed above.

The original plugins can be found at More information can be found here. I hope you find them useful.

Thanks to Doug Barth for some help on the plugins, and Derek over at Scout for putting together the official plugins.